This article will teach you all the different probability of getting the hands in poker, so that you know how you are going to win your game.

It’s important to have a grasp of probability and all the probabilities of getting the different hands in poker. In this article I’m going to share with you a few of the main probabilities you need to get your hand around. How comfortable are you with remembering different statistics?

Probability Of Getting Pocket Aces Or Pocket Kings

The probability of getting a pocket pair of aces is 220 to 1. The same is for getting pocket kings. The probability of getting either pockets aces or pocket kings is 110 to 1.

Probability Of Getting An Aces With A Jack Or Lower Card

The probability of getting any pre-flop hole cards with an ace and another card that is worse than a jack is about 11 to 1. The probability of getting this same ace and a card with a lower than a jack but they are suited is 36 to 1.

Probability Of Getting Suited Cards Before The Flop

The probability of getting an ace and king suited is 82 to 1. The probability of getting any two suited cards is 3.2 to 1. And the probability of these two suited cards being connectors is 24 to 1.

In this article I’ve outlined the main probabilities of getting the good hands in poker. All you have to do is remember these main ones and you’ll be able to know how often your going to get those cards you really want.

Learning the probabilities of getting all the different hands in poker is important because you need to be very aware of how often your good cards are going to come up. This will avoid you wondering when you are going to get a good pocket pair or nice ace hole card. Having a grasp of this reduces the anxiety related to playing poker and not knowing when you’re going to get good cards.

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