When bingo game was first introduced in the early 16th century, no one would have thought that it would attain such popularity in UK. The online version of bingo was introduced as early as 1996; since then, it has been famous among UK women in the age group 20-25. Currently there are more than 250 bingo Web sites offering the games services to the enthusiastic UK bingo players. Recent researches indicate that bingo is gaining popularity among males too. With increasing participation from all age groups of people, the age barrier is also disappearing in online bingo halls.

According to a study, UK is the third largest player of online bingo, after the U.S. and Japan. Among all the countries, UK is the fastest growing market for online bingo. If estimates are to be believed, over 600 million pounds is spent every year on online bingo tickets in UK. Studies, however, show that only 1 percent of land-based bingo players now play bingo online. This means that currently the game is going through a transition state, and explosive growth in the number of online gamers is expected in the coming days.

Majority among the online players (90 percent) are below 50 years old and 85 percent of them are women. That’s why most online bingo sites target women with their advertising. As the popularity of the game spreads to other groups, there is a dramatic change noticed in the online bingo trends. While players under 35 years accounted for the majority in the online bingo market a few years ago, current trend shows that people over 46 years are contributing significantly to the online bingo market in UK, giving a signal to online bingo firms to devise appropriate strategy to attract this highly potential segment of UK population.

Online bingo gains popularity not just because of its leisurely nature or monetary aspects. More than a leisure activity, online bingo is a platform to make friends. Almost all online bingo providers host a chat room where players can interact with each other in a healthy and competitive manner. They build friendship from this platform, they exchange their views, and ultimately they contribute for the bingo community by playing good games online. Bingo, though not a complex game, demands a lot of concentration and patience. While arranging the cards, players have to be quick and intelligent. Continuous bingo practice makes one’s mind sharp and fresh. This fact was revealed in a study conducted by a psychological department of a reputed university in UK.

There are several online free bingo sites that offer free game opportunity to bingo players, especially the novice. This free practice gives them an opportunity to learn the game and become confident players. Later they can move to the paid clubs where they will deposit a fixed amount to buy bingo cards. The online bingo market is hot with promotional offers. Every bingo site is seen offering exceptional promotional offers to woo the players. Smart players can make use of these opportunities and make good money and win a lot of prizes, as well as friends.

By amanda calvert
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