Online bingo, to the outsider, would appear to the most simple of games, yet there are one or two variations that make it very interesting and exciting to play. Based on the popular US saloon game of Keno, Bingo has been played in both sides of the Atlantic for hundreds of years,

The online version of bingo has gained tremendous popularity since it made its first appearance. Yet what many people don’t know is that it is played in two versions online.
There is quite a lot of confusion of what version game was played first, is the 75-ball bingo version which is mostly played in the united states, or the 90 ball uk bingo which has always been especially popular in the uk, as well as in Europe and as far afield as Australia. K is mostly played in the UK and parts of Australia, Asia, and Europe.
It is easy to understand why the 90 ball version appeals more to the American style of play as it is very fast moving, and provides no less than three chances for a winning combination to be made. Either through a player making a single horizontal line; two lines (one horizontal and one vertical), or crossing off all numbers on their ticket which is known as a full house.

The 90-ball version calls for basically the same action, however as the name suggests the card for this version contains 90 squares. The 90 -ball card contains an additional set of squares made up from 3 rows and 9 columns with each row containing only 5 numbers and the rest are left blank. The rest of the card is identical to the 75-number game card except that there is no blank square in the center.

The difficulty level at 90-ball bingo is much higher as there are no live options in this version of the game. Instead the player has to fill the entire card (full house). That’s why it is so popular amongst the UK or European players who prefer a slower paced style of uk online bingo. What is especially appealing to online players is that they can buy a number of cards at every session, and have them automatically marked off as the game progresses, making it an awful lot easier to keep pace with the balls as they drop. What can never be automatic is calling “house” so a player has to be especially alert during a session.
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