The industry of UK bingo sites is vastly and rapidly growing ever since its first introduction in 1996. The population of those who patronize the industry is increasing as well, making it a trend for many other gambling websites to adapt. As of now, there are more than 300 online gaming sites that are registered in UK alone, since the time it became legalized in the country.

The competition within the industry proves that online bingo is a high-earning business and is not just for charity. Competing for that certain market is quite tight this year. Flashy promotions and bonuses from bingo sites are soaring high monthly, particularly this month, making it hard for players to choose where the best deal is. However, new and upcoming bingo sites are not threatened even the risk and the level of competition of the business is high. There are more than 1 million online bingo users-and still counting-wherein 40% of them are shifting from sites to sites.

What made UK bingo sites so popular?

UK bingo is very similar to other bingo sites (US) in terms of market approach and promotions. The only difference is that bingo sites in UK offers other versions of the game, including 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball bingo. They’ve also redefined bingo sites by adding chat room games, where members can have a break from playing bingo and can still win prizes.

The game was well accepted by both young and old players, for the reason that sites give more offering other than the jackpot prizes at stake. Persuading new members was really easy, since freebies like bonus cards, loyalty points and deposit match bonus was available anywhere.

Online bingo sites also became more popular when they were allowed by the government of UK to promote their business through television, radio, newspapers and printed ads. But to adhere with the laws given by the state, advertisements for televisions were limited in a way that the approach used should only be for adults. The airtime of their TV ads was also limited to certain hours and channels, to ensure that the advertisement will not attract minors.

UK bingo’s future direction

By weighing the popularity of the industry alongside with its legalization in UK, it’s certain for UK bingo online sites to be skyrocketing this year. Given that playing bingo is more accessible to the public, whether they choose to play on a land based bingo hall or stay and play at the comfort of their home. Bingo game services are available 24/7 and the fun never stops and there’s no doubt about it. But the only factor that will separate these bingo sites apart would be the kind of service they will employ when problems are needed to be resolved.

Responsibilities of existing bingo sites today in UK will be tested this year. Online Gambling was made to be open and accessible to the public because they are sought to be trusted by the government that regulates them. New bingo sites like BingoTime, are also now allowing members not residing in United Kingdom (as long as their location’s jurisdiction allows online gambling), a possible cause of the expansion of the industry’s market this year. It’s expected that the total population of bingo players will double this year. That’s online bingo in UK for you this 2010.

By Jason Acidre
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