Craps is an old English game called Hazard. The origin of this game is unknown but this game became popular with the French people. This game was bought to the States by a French man called Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville. From then on it has become a cult in many places around the world.

Craps being one of the several popular gambling games absorbs most of your time as well as money. And if your good with rolling dice the there are very good chances you are on the road to success. But one false move and you are in for a long journey downhill. Craps is a game where the player can contend against a fellow player; this is called Street craps. If the player is playing the bank it’s called Bank craps. But eventually everything depends on the outcome of the dice and the number that the player chooses. This game can be played with either one die or two dice.

There are several terminologies to this game. There four people who are always around the table. The boxman is the person who safeguards the chips. Then there are two other people called safe dealers, these are the guys who collect the bets. Then finally there is the stickman who collects the bets and calls the results. Finally the player he is called the shooter. This is the person who rolls the dice. The whole game is played on the basis of chips. Once the player leaves the game he can go and covert the chips into money in the counter present in every casino. Playing craps on the street is consider as illegal and can be punishable by law.

Playing craps might be a fast way of making money. But to do it in a safe and sensible way is always to be practiced.

By Daniel Mayer
Daniel Mayer is a noted expert in the writing field and has a flair for gambling. Combining the two together he enlightens the gambling world with his knowledge by writing about online gambling, various games like craps and the casino industry. His articles are read and admired by everyone in the online casino world.