Even in the past, Macau has been a place that attracted people from all over the world. The city’s urban mesh is the culmination of intensive immigration of the Chinese population towards this strategic point which promised them a better future and work opportunities. Today, Macau has managed to reinvent itself to draw in crowds looking to try their hand at a different kind of fortune among the black jack and baccarat tables of Asia’s Las Vegas.

The Museum of Macau gives the traveler an insight into what Macau used to be in the past. Situated in Monte Fortress, which has a fame of its own, this is the largest museum in the city. After beginning construction in 1996, the museum with all its exhibits was first opened to the public in April of 1998. All of the other museums in Macau are built with a specific theme in mind, whereas the Museum of Macau has encompassed all the different cultures and nationalities that have lived rubbed shoulders within the city limits through the centuries.

The huge three-story structure covers an area of 2,800 square meters. The exhibitions that number more than 3,000 encompass 2,100 square meters of that space. Another interesting feature of the building is that the first two floors are built below the Monte Fortress ground level.

The historical artifacts and relics on display at the museum are categorized into different groups. The first floor is dedicated to ‘Original Civilization’, which spans the history and origin of Macau from the Neolithic period up until the mid 17th century. The second floor houses all the popular Art and Traditional Culture that is unique to Macau. Contemporary Macau is depicted within the third floor; here one can witness the panorama and growth of this modern city in all its glory.

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By Pushpitha Wijesinghe .
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