A study was done recently in which 2000 Casino and other types of gamblers were asked why they gamble. Here we have provided the top 10 reasons they gave for gambling. Most discussions about what motivates a person to gamble usually will start by comparing gambling to life. And yes life is a gamble every time you breathe it could be your last. Getting out of bed in the morning can lead to the last thing you ever do, yet we all get out of bed almost every day..

From the 2000 people surveyed we received over 400 different answers as to why they were gambling, but the top 10 reasons were:

Money problems:
it seems there are many people who believe they can fix there money problems with gambling. Most of the people who claimed that money problems were the reason for them gambling lost more money gambling then they originally owed and had they not gambled would not have been so bad off according to them. Of this group none said they had managed to win the money they needed.

To win and become rich:
Of all the people interviewed these people seemed to be the least crazy. They came to the casino with hopes of getting rich and being able to quit there jobs and live the good life, but they also know that the chances are good they would all have to get up Monday morning and return to work.

To make a game more exciting:
Remember not all gambling is done in casinos or http://http://www.online-casinos-707.net”>Online casino. Sportbooks are becoming very popular and some people find putting some money on their favorite’s team makes the game more exciting.

To have fun:
These people had the right idea. They only wanted to have some fun take a little trip to the Casino, have some free drinks, play some games and if they win, good and if not that’s ok also. These people came down with a certain amount they could lose and not be upset or broke and they stick to it. These people all seemed to be reaching there goal not one of them was complaining about how close they came to hitting big or what if they had just done this or that.

Business Meetings:
Many Companies will hold large client meetings in casinos. The reason for this is to show the customer a good time after the meeting so he will remember your meeting in a positive way.

For a bachelor party:
A casino is a great place to have a bachelor party for several reasons, like if you are in the casino the alcohol is free, if you win enough you and your friends can get a large suite for the rest of your stay there and there are so many different things to do from going to the casino to clubs.

For a wedding:
Apparently having a wedding at some of the larger casinos is Las Vegas or Atlantic City is becoming popular, apparently the casinos will give you an excellent price on the wedding hall and rooms for your guests, of course they do this with the knowledge that the guests will spend money in the casino so giving a good rate n the wedding is in there best interest

To get out of the house:
I noticed almost all of the people in his category were all males and were all married for more them 10 years and had kids. They said they like to come to the casino on average about once a month stay for a few hours, play some games and then head home.

Las Vegas in the last 10 years has become a popular place to bring the family. Las Vegas has many attractions for family fun. And in the evening after the kids go to sleep there is also plenty of adult entertainment.

This is how they make a living:
I found that these people and the ones who had money problems were extremely different. These people at least knew how to gamble for the most part, most of them had many years experience and some were regular tournament players with at least 1 win under there belts. Unfortunately this group has a tendency to become gambling addicts and in the end lose everything they have.

By Ellie Schneider
Ellie Schneider enjoys going to the best online casino and playing Poker with other people from around the world.