Broadband Internet provides users with limitless hours of gaming entertainment. There are hundreds of websites dedicated to gaming so you can surely find something that you like. There are websites that let you play against other people over the internet with card games such as poker. There are websites that let you download entire games and play them on your computer. There are many games that also let you connect to a network and play against other people, like the world renowned first person shooter, Counter-Strike. No matter what type of game you like, you can most definitely find it on the internet.

Every Microsoft computer comes with games preloaded onto the hard drive. Microsoft provides it users with a free copy of the classic card game solitaire and also with Spider Solitaire and FreeCell. These games do not need an internet connection to play, but they are only one player games. For those who like a little competition, Microsoft installs some games that you can play over the internet. Starting with Windows XP, every Microsoft operating system has come with Internet Checkers, Spades, and Backgammon. These games will connect to a free server, via your broadband internet connection, and allow you to compete against people from all over the world.

Yahoo Games is a website that also lets you play your favorite games against people from all across the world. Yahoo Games also offers many more games than just backgammon and spades. You can play a game of chess against someone in Japan, and after that you can switch games and play billiards against someone in Prague. Yahoo Games offers many different categories of games, such as card, board, strategy and trivia. Millions of people connect to Yahoo Games daily, so you can always find a new competitor, no matter what the hour.

There is the great website created by CNET. This website not only offers games to download for free but also the best software for your computer, such as Anti-Virus, Music, Photo, and many other great additions available for your computer. Some of the software is free, and others are shareware that offer you a free trial and after the specified amount of time you must purchase the program.

On You can find any type of game that you want to download, many of which are demos, but can be upgraded to the full game. The website is organized perfectly and makes it easy to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for. There are simulators, action, adventure, strategy, and sports game just to name a few. Many of the files are large, and require broadband internet to download them. On, you can find the most recent and popular games released.

A very popular first-person shooter is the game Counter-Strike. This game is modeled after Half-Life and allows you to fight against people from all over the world. There are tens of thousands of different people playing online every day. In addition to online games, you can also play network games with your friends using your wireless broadband internet. Counter-Strike and the other games like it are incredibly realistic and difficult, which can provide you days of entertainment as you try to master them.

These are just a small portion of the games available from websites across the internet and games that you can play with others on the internet. There are thousands of other websites that can provide you with endless entertainment by way of the internet.

By Jon Jacobson
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