In the 1980’s there were a group of slot machine cheaters popping up all over Nevada. The gang of cheaters were eventually convicted of setting up and rigging slot machines. Over the course of their crime spree they netted about $ 1.6 million dollars. They acquired these amounts by ” winning” jackpots via slot machines not just in Nevada but in Jew Jersey as well. The leader of the gang was the infamous John Joseph Vacarro. John Joseph was his given name but he soon began using the alias Alan Joseph Champagne. John and his wife Sandra lived in Harmony Court, Las Vegas. In 1984 John plead guilty to the charge of swindling along with cheating at casino games.

It is alleged that John was the leader of big gang of these cheaters who uses to go through many casinos nationwide. It is alleged that he has hit the Harrah’s Marina Hotel/Casino and the Caesar’s Boardwalk Regency Hotel/Casino. This crime spree last about 8 months from April 1982 to December 1982. John was convicted in 1984 on the violations including the N.J.S.A. 5:12-113(a). John was sentenced to a 13 months prison term and find about $ 5000.

John had lived a normal life before his life of crime as the leader of slot machine cheaters. John was a skilled carpenter but that was a memory after he joined the John Dubeck’s casino cheating gang. Soon he became the mastermind behind these scams that netted the gang over a million dollars from Nevada’s casinos. The soon started to get casino employees to help them cheater for a cut. The gang would take their rounds around the casino in order to rig them for their crew to cash in on.

The managers some how were somehow charmed by John in some casinos to call out the random numbers of the people who wanted to play certain slot machines. Then the player would win the big jackpot. John was the first male to get a nomination into the famous Nevada’s Black Book. There has been talk that John and his gang actually received over $ 20 million. John was also convicted of conspiracy and was then

The John Vaccaro story.

By A. Glasburg
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