Online Poker has a very interesting history. People love online poker, as is demonstrated by hundreds of thousands of players of poker online around the entire globe. With all that there were scandals related to online poker, banking issues, poker rooms are full of players. People play poker because they can still make money online and withdraw funds. The future of online poker is still uncertain but nevertheless online poker is not banned, at least not yet..

Poker has a high popularity at all times, future of the game is ripe with possibilities. We can see and feel the incredible expansion of online sites, more and more live tournaments are gaining momentum everyday. In every country, you can see a rapid expansion of gaming facilities, and a number of them feature large, well populated Poker rooms. The growth will have to settle down eventually, but the masterminds of the gamming industry will always keep their product out front.

The European Union was created to facilitate free trade and free movement of goods and capital between its Member States and to create a domestic policy, devoid of charges for providing products and services between Member States. These principles are embodied in the Treaty of Maastrich, known as the Treaty on European Union founding.
You can not be sure of all online poker sites but the serious sites of poker have not had problems with the refund money so far. However there is no guarantee of return of money in the account if an online site, suspends operations. It happened in the U.S. as a player to lose money deposited, after their CEO was arrested and the site was shut down. In this situation were probably many people, but with all efforts to recover the money, everything is in vain. To not happen such unfortunate cases it is safe to withdraw most of the money you have in the online poker sites.

It’s still safe to say this incredible game will be at the forefront for some years to come. From humble beginnings as a pastime for outlaws, to a multi-billion dollar industry with publicly held companies, history of poker is being written every day.

I think in the future we`ll see promotions and bonuses from poker rooms as an effort to save this business of poker or will do anything to gain attention. However will see that for maintain alive the world of online poker and raise the number of players on market, the poker sites will compete fiercely with one another. My idea about the future of online poker may be wrong but we can see easily that with all the efforts and obstacles against poker, the poker rooms are full of players.

Around the world the satellites are the hottest tournaments in the game, and that’s not about to change anytime soon. We will see a larger promotional incentives for online players to win satellites.

Everybody is thinking about the future of the Poker industry,so dose the Television networks are also thinking about the future; TV coverage of Poker has grown exponentially in recent years, and the quality of production is climbing. Now you can watch WSOP tournament hand-by-hand, you can or hear discuss about all Pot Odds on cable TV. You can watch and listen to frequent airings of tournaments, player features, celebrity challenges are just some of the cards television networks have to play in the future of Poker.

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By Pirnea Nicolae Ovidiu