There are many kinds of online slots. Some may require a certain degree of skill and knowledge, other may be based entirely on chance. There are numerous variations of the both concepts, having different winning combinations, coins required to spin, symbols displayed on the reel and so on.

When playing both online slots and land-based slot machines you will probably have small amount wins from time to time. They are used to keep you interested in the game and insert more coins into the machine. But sometimes you can actually hit a jackpot. Some machines have big jackpots as much as $10000. And if you are playing a progressive or linked slot machine the blackjack will be considerably higher (with hundreds of thousands to win). This is what really makes players chained to the machines and keep spinning the reels as much as they are able too.

Unlike other casino games, online slots are very easy and fun to play. All you have to do is just push the button to sin the reels and see what combination is lined-up in the payline. It’s that simple. And thinking that you can actually win some money (and hit a big jackpot some day) makes online slots an irresistible offer.

Many players believe that slots are the worst game to go with if you want to win some big cash. But when compared to other casino games, slots turn out to have the highest pay out rates and the smallest bets to win. Let get a closer look on the situation.

First, let’s see the average house advantage with slots. This number rages between 2% and 15%. The reports show the average house edge on slot machines throughout casinos to be about 8%. Now let’s compare these numbers to other bets in the casino:

* Baccarat (Tie Bet): 14%
* Casino War (Tie Bet): 18%
* Craps (Any Craps): 11%
* Sic Bo (Depending on Bet): Up to 33%
* Big Six: 11% to 24%
* Keno: 25% to 30%

You can see that slots actually gives you a good advantage and high winning odds. You should also consider the level of mastering the game. Most casino games have low house edges when played correct. In case you don’t know the rules and aren’t an expert in a particular game you will give enormous amounts of money to the casino and your winning odds will be very low.

From this point of view, slots give a much bigger advantage to the player, because they are very easy to play, and the payout rate is set by the manufacturer, not the casino. The chances of winning in this situation are fairly high.

Another aspect we should look at is the bet to win ratio. Slot machines provide virtually the highest ratio no other casino games can compare. Have you ever heard of someone making $100,000 out of a $10 bet? Not really. In case you’re playing slots, you have the chance to hit really big with a really small bet.

And remember, that the sole purpose of gambling is having fun. And what could be more entertaining than playing numerous slot games, with many bonus features, while having a really low bankroll. Imagine doing that with roulette or blackjack.

So if you think that slots are worse than any other casino game, think again. There is no other game that has such a high advantage for the player, allows betting small amounts and winning really big jackpots. And you don’t really have to be an expert to play. Slots, if you want to have some fun while not spending big cash, slot machines will definitely keep you entertained for hours.

By Elizabeth Tudor
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