It was poker rooms of the local casinos and the online casinos that brought the game of poker to their customers. This game was confined to the walls of these places only, until the World Poker Tour came for its rescue. This is a show that brought this exciting game to the forefront and made it an socially accepted game. Here you will find World Poker Tour explained in detail.

The concept of the World Poker Tour was established in the USA, by Steven Lipscomb. Formerly a known TV producer he has since become very involved with running the World Poker Tour and is now CEO of World Poker Tour Enterprises.. The World Poker Tour is basically a series of international poker events. Most of the world’s professional players are part of this tour. At present, it is one of the most famous TV programs and is hosted by Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten. In the July, 2008, Amanda Leatherman (poker player and reporter) has been hired to host the “live updates”. The sponsors of this show are the famous poker casinos and online casinos.

As the entire thing sounds interesting, you might be eager to know how all this took shape and came into existence. Well, the debut television show of the World Poker Tour was aired in the spring of 2003 on the Travel Channel of the American cable TV. It showcased the World Poker Tour championship of April, 2003, held at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas. In April, 2008, the WPTE moved the series to GSN for airing the sixth season of the tour. Recently, it has been announced that the series’ seventh season would be aired on the Fox Sports Net In the year 2004, another aspect was added, called the Walk of Fame. It has been developed to honor the great poker players.

The most enchanting aspect of the World Poker Tour is that it does not take much to compete with the professional players. If you can afford the’buy-in’ amount or even if you could win a “satellite” tournament then you become eligible to participate with any of the top professional players. Many of the poker players love watching this show. This television show has made use of many technical innovations to make the poker event seem more exciting and thrilling. Moreover, with the increasing popularity of this television show, they are adding special programs to it. Walk of Fame, Hollywood Home Game and recently, Ladies Night have been made a part of the World Poker Tour. A constant effort to make the television show a success is an important reason why even in its seventh season, it is still one of the highest rated programs.

The World Poker Tour takes care of many poker events. These include Five Diamond World Poker Classic, World Poker Open, World Poker Finals, and LA Poker Classic. Besides these standard events, there are some events that are added for every season. Along with that the professional players also compete for the World Poker Tour Championship in every season. The famous names, who have won the championship, are Alan Goehring, Martin De Knijff, Tuan Le, Joe Bartholdi Jr, Carlos Mortensen and David Chiu. These players have won the championship, in ascending order of the World Poker Tour seasons. However, if you require the entire results of each season of World Poker Tour then you can go to the official site of the World Poker Tour, which is

You can find the upcoming events, the winners of the last events, the terms and conditions of participating, the statistics of the World Poker Tour since 2002, the sponsors and the poker pros on the official website. The website also runs their own online poker room. Now, you can also watch World Poker Tour on your mobile. So, if you have been playing poker for a long time then may be it is time to try out the tournament and play with the professional players. Follow the World Poker Tour at your own risc – it can be very addictive..

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