This system is great for the average player traveling overseas, or in Nevada. If you are a 21 player and have learned in this book how to play 21 with a shoe (four-decker), you can play the 31 system very comfortably at any 21 table in the world. Play the units the same as in the crap system (1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 4, 4, 8, 8,).
But you do have to alter your 21 playing method slightly. Do not double down, do not split pairs–including aces–and never take insurance. This way you won’t vary from the strict progression formula of the 31 system by betting odd amounts. If you should receive a blackjack, just put the extra winnings with the rest of your money and think of it as a little bonus. Aside from not splitting pairs or doubling down, play 21 as explained in the 21 chapter and the odds are in your favor that the 31 system will work for you anywhere in the world.

If you are going good and winning, don’t be afraid to raise your
betting units. A dollar bettor with a little nerve could raise his
minimum I unit bet to 5 units ($5), that is a $155 opening stake. Play
it out like a trooper. You can quit at anytime, just as you can with $1.
If you’re going good, raise it to $10, which, at 31 units, would be $310.
As long as you are going good, give yourself a chance to win enough
to pay for the trip. It’s been done many times with the 31 system. And
always revert to your original one unit bet ($1) if you start losing.

Players who want to start their minimum bet at $25 or more must
check the club limit before playing craps or 21. In Nevada most large casino have a $500 maximum. That is fine for the $25 bettor. His
biggest bet would be $400 on the Bet Back. For the $50 minimum bettor, the Bet Back would have to be $800, so the limit at that casino
Should be $1,000. Check club limits outside Nevada, because you could get trapped by not being able to progress high enough. If the limits are small in some countries, two people can play partners. By both playing the same way, you will get a higher limit.

The desperado player likes to play fast and hard. He has one big asset that clubs fear. He bets like a madman with the club’s money. Of course, you have to have plenty of guts and plenty of heart to bet this way. But the bosses know that a desperado, with a little luck and a short bankroll, can take an aspirin and run it into a drugstore. The average desperado comes to town with around $500 and bets it up as fast as possible in hopes that the dice are passing, or that the shooter makes some numbers.

We in the business see these desperados every day. One was a poker hustler, a very exceptional desperado. After winning at poker for a while, he’ll pick up some chips, $800 or $1,000 worth, and take a shot at the crap table. If he loses, he just goes back to his poker game. One day last year in Las Vegas this poker player took $800 in poker winnings and walked into a “monster” hand at the crap table. When the storm was over, he cashed out $70,000. He had $1,000 bets all over the layout– place bets, buy bets, come bets–didn’t even blink an eye when he cashed out, went back to the poker table, sat down, and very nonchalantly continued to play. He’s what you calla real tough desperado.
But many players don’t have the bankroll to be that kind of desperado. There was a floorman working with me who was more of the average man’s desperado. He had a wife and nine children–four in college–and could only afford to invest $20 in a 25-cent crap game in downtown Las Vegas every so often. He’d bet 50 cents, 75 cents, a dollar or two.

Sometimes he loses $20 and sometimes he wins maybe $40. One day the dice began to pass. He started off with 25-cent chips. When that hand was over, he cashed out $2,600, just enough for his oldest boy’s tuition to college as he later told me. The next time he went downtown, he started with the same $20 but walked out of the club when he lost. It will take the casino an awful long time to win the rest of their $2,600 back.

A desperado from Los Angeles arrived in Las Vegas on the
8 p.m. flight September 22, 1974. He started to play baccarat at
$20 a hand, lost $200, and went to the crap tables. He played at
two different tables, lost another few hundred dollars, and
finally settled on a table where an old Chinese sipping tea out of
a paper cup was starting to shoot the dice. The desperado
bowed politely toward the shooter, bought the 4 and 10 for $40
each, and placed the 6 and 8 for $30 each.

The shooter, calmly sipping tea with one hand and tossing the dice with the other, began throwing a monster hand that lasted over forty minutes. The only 7 he threw was when he sevened out.
The desperado would press his bets as numbers were being made. Finally he loaded all the numbers with $1,000 each. The only odds he took were on the line number. I watched the whole play. When the hand finally ended. I gave the desperado four empty racks to store his $40,900 worth of chips. If he had bet on the Come and taken the odds, he would have won at least $20,000 more.
But still, $40,000 isn’t bad for about a $600 investment. After winning $4,000 more at baccarat, the desperado went to another hotel and cleaned them out of $15,000, and then he returned to our hotel where he won another $10,000.

With the nearly $70,000 tucked safely in a money belt around his waist, the desperado took the morning plane back to Los Angeles with $70,000 more than when he arrived that is why casinos hate desperados.
I’ll never forget one boss who spotted a known desperado with about $15,000 in chips in front of him at a crap table. “How much did that son of a bitch buy in for?” he asked. “He bought in for $300 and is winning about $15,000,” the floorman replied.
Commented the boss: “I hope that s.o.b. has a heart attack so I can carry his chips to the cage for safekeeping. I guarantee you he won’t have $15,000 in chips when I reach the cage.”
If that’s how you want to be regarded by casino bosses, here’s a betting method for an aspiring desperado with a short bankroll. You need at least $500.
Bet on the Pass line only and always take full odds. Make no other bet.
Start at $40 and $40 odds. If you win, bet $100 on the line and $100 odds. If you win, bet $200 and $200 odds and stay at the same bet if you win again.

By now the bosses are starting to sweat and you are in good shape. If you win your next bet, then wager $400 and $400 odds. If you win and it’s a club with a $500 maximum bet, then bet the maximum. If the club has a $1,000 limit, then raise your bet to $600 and $600 odds and keep raising your bets $200 at a time until you reach the club limit. If you catch a few numbers, you’ll quickly win a few thousand dollars. Don’t be afraid to give the next shooter a chance, but start with $100 as your first bet and bet it up a little faster if numbers are being made. If the shooter fizzles out, hit the road. Quit. Adios. Amscray. Catch the next flight. Your desperado days are over for a while.

By Shahin
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