Slot machine casino gambling throughout the world is rising due to casino gambling venues showing up in local communities. Slot machine gambling, also known as pokies, fruit machines, or video lottery terminals are very popular with gamblers.

For many people, this type of gambling is a recreational hobby or an old past time. Gambling excursions are harmless fun, and the time and money spent on the gambling is within reason.

For others, however, this type of gambling can create a downward spiral of depression, despair, and loss of hard-earned money.

Video gambling machines are very fast moving, with lots of lights and sounds that can excite the casino player almost as much as drugs, alcohol, or even sex.

For those with a gambling problem, slot machines or pokies can create huge losses in a very short period of time due to the quick moving and addictive nature of the games. Every few seconds a few dollars can be lost in just one bet on a video gambling machine.

A progression from recreational gambling to compulsive gambling on casino slot machines is much faster than any other form of gambling. Studies have shown that this form of gambling can create an addictive spiral faster than poker, craps, horseracing, and other forms of gambling.

Slot machines, pokies, and fruit machines, have been called the “crack-cocaine “of gambling addiction because of the fast progression of the addiction as well as the addictive components of these machines.

These machines are based on television theme shows, movies, or famous people and contain bonus rounds within the games that can be very seductive. Many will just continue to play the machines, just to get to these slots bonus rounds.

Casino slot machine gambling machines are highly addictive, as you could see when you walk into a gambling casino establishment. Many people stay for hours playing, and will stay on one machine, with the belief that they will eventually “hit the big one”.

The gamblers look like total zombies in front of these gambling devices, as they are hypnotized and in a state of arousal that is unmatched by other forms of gambling. It is actually a sad scenario to watch, especially late at night into the early morning when the recreational gamblers have gone home.

Casino slot machine gambling dangers are not to be taken lightly. Studies have shown that a majority of the callers on Gambling Addiction Help lines are from individuals who are addicted to slots, pokies, fruit machines, and video lottery terminals. This seems to be getting worse as time goes by, and as more casinos are being built in local neighborhoods.

It is also not easy to stop gambling on slots, pokies, or video lottery machines because the chemical high that the brain produces is truly powerful. That is why it is hard for the addicted gambler to walk away from the casino gambling slot machine.

Addicted gamblers do not want to leave their machines because there is actually a physical biochemical crash once the playing stops. To avoid the crash, the gambler needs to continue playing, even though he or she may have lost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

When the “gambling high” wears off, depression and despair can occur for the gamblers, especially if a very high level of monetary losses were incurred.

In conclusion, casino gambling on slot machines, pokies, fruit machines, and video lottery terminals can be highly dangerous as it is truly addictive for those predisposed to a gambling addiction.

By Michelle Tee
Michelle Tee is a self-help coach and author on the subject of gambling addiction. If you are looking to stop gambling and have not had success in the past, visit her site today.