Each and every year there’ll be many slot machine games unveiled – many will appear and vanish, disappearing with barely a whimper, however a few will get a hard core following who keep coming back and play them and really like their particular features. Listed below are among the best video slot machines that keep on being popular.

1)Rainbow Riches – this is a favorite UK pub slot machine that has a authentic hardcore fan club. It’s actually based on a impish leprechaun and stays renowned for its added bonus elements, specially the Pots of Gold. The subsequent, Rainbow Riches, Win Big Shindig, has not turned out to be so well liked simply because of the lack of bonus games. It shows that slots do not need to be influenced by massive motion pictures or crazy character types to get loved. Be in no doubt, action is the number one priority of a slots player.

2)King Kong – it has dazzling graphics and bonus games with imaginative play that has an arcade feel. While in various other aspects it really is a fairly standard 25 line slot, however these 2 aspects certainly ensure it is higher than average and a well-liked, long-lasting, slot.

3)Monopoly Slot – again this is a huge long-lasting and thriving slot since it sticks to its topic faithfully. More than seven hundred and fifty million people have played the board game, so that is a pretty huge fan base. Once again, its the extra games, which are so close to enjoying actual monopoly, that will get players returning,

Hence the fundamentals seem to be – work hard on extra games and make sure there is a few, and that they are enjoyable to play. When you have a concept, remain loyal to it. These are the ideas that have undoubtedly helped slots turn out to be all time classics.

By Jan Hernych
Jan Hernych is a casino visitor, poker player, author and gambler