We look back in history for many, many years, we encountered the discovery that one of the oldest board games is known in the world is backgammon.

Why do we say this? Is this game dates back approximately 5,000 years ago, according to experts.

However online backgammon was not always as we know at present.

During the years has changed logical related to the advancement of technology.
And on the other hand, lived a widely disseminated throughout the world, and has come to disembark in casinos like so many other games that emerged in antiquity. To take the example of Keno lottery or also known as china.

Almost is worth saying that in ancient times were not play online backgammon with plastic sheets or boards either, since this material did not exist.

What was used on board were chickpeas or failing also stones, materials that players have much on hand.

The same can be applied to material that is made of the board. The oldest were worked in wood and ivory.

While at present some are still making these materials so noble, we can add to the list also metal and plastic, even beautiful designs of molten glass with precious colors.

But today the most popular materials, or preferred by the players are wood, elegance and nobility, and plastic for its practicality and low cost.

When we talk about the online backgammon board what we are talking about? The board is a square, as we said from different materials, which you prefer.

In describing his disposal, we can see that this square is composed of twenty-four points, which are distributed to twelve on each side of the board, including alternate colors.

We can note that there are two groups of tips are at loggerheads with each other. But this first approach to board leaves us also see that there are more divisions.

The board is divided into four quadrants with six points each. These quadrants are given different names.

On the one hand, is the foundation board and the board outside of the player, and on the other hand we have the foundation board and the board outside the opponent.

Within this division of the panels for the player and the opponent, there is what is called bar, which separates these two areas within the boards of each player.

The bar also has a role, and it placed the files that have been won, or at the end of the game, meals.

Outside of the divisions that we have appointed, but still being part of the board, we can find a deposit.

This has the function of keeping the files outside of the game, when that happens all the chips reach the board basis, and this happens in the final stage of the game on the final stage.

Now you know the characteristics of the board of backgammon, and a small part of their history, you can continue to find out what the ground rules so we can enjoy this game as old as force and become an active part of its long history.

By rikspedersen
We look back in history for many, many years, we encountered the discovery that one of the oldest board games is known in the world is backgammon.