In the 1920’s, a popular new game was tearing up the carnival scene, drawing in competitors with enthusiasm and gusto, although the game was not, in fact, new at all. The game, called “Beano,” had been around for nearly 400 years already, a staple of Italy, France, and Germany. No matter how different the game looked, or how different the cultures were who played it, the game had one unmistakable characteristic: it excited its players. So much so, that at one of these carnivals, a joyous winner shouted out the wrong word, “Bingo,” and accidentally rechristened it into an even more smashing success.

On the surface, Bingo seems very easy to play. And really, it is. But it is a bit more difficult to master. Bingo isn’t all about luck and chance. It is also about knowing what to do with the luck and chance that you have at your disposal. Bingo has such depth that a number of books have been written on the subject to give players more insight into honing their skills and improving their chances for success. Here are four great Bingo books for the enthusiast:

1. Gambling Times Guide to Bingo by Roger Snowden: This is considered by many the best of the Bingo books on the market. What you will find in the Guide to Bingo is great information on the history of Bingo and the origin of the game as well as a deeper look at the odds and the basics of the game itself. Author Snowden doesn’t waste a single one of his 194 pages in giving you the information you need to get the most out of your Bingo experience.

2. Art of Playing Bingo and Winning Consistently by B.A. Hartwell: B.A. Hartwell also has a thing or two to say about the game with a unique approach to winning consistently. Where the Guide to Bingo is pretty much a bible for anyone enthused about playing Bingo, online or otherwise, Hartwell focuses on how to get the best results out of your experience with advanced skills and techniques that can put you in a position to turn luck and chance into tools for multiple victories.

3. Basics of Winning Bingo by Avery Cardoza: While the first two books on this list might seem like a lot to take in for a game that is relatively simple to learn, Basics of Winning Bingo serves as more of a primer and is a great read for anyone, who just wants an understanding of the game, so they can learn the rest by discovery.

4. Yellow Pages of Bingo Halls: Unfortunately, the Yellow Pages of Bingo Halls is out-of-print and around ten years old, but if you can locate a copy, you at least have a nice starting point for areas where you can turn for competitive Bingo gaming. While some of these places may no longer be in operation, Bingo is an inexpensive game that creates enthusiasm in its players, so the longevity of the Bingo halls presented here is very likely.

If you are serious about Bingo, any of the Bingo books on this list will give you a good place to start, whether that means a place to play, an understanding of the game, or an increase in your skills and odds of winning regularly. Check them out!

By Gen Wright
Learn How to Play Bingo by reading Bingo Books.