Betting is an art. Whether you use a progressive system or a hedge system,
during a casino visit it takes advantage of the short term scenario. Once
you’ve achieved your goal, the art of the bet is to quit betting. The
reason for this is that over the long term the house will always win. A
player who doesn’t quit when they’ve achieve their goal, or run down the
money they’ve set aside for the day, is not a good bettor nor practicing
the art of the good bet.

Take the positive progressive system for example. In this system, a good
bettor bets more when they are winning and less when losing. Most likely
they will be a few rounds behind in identifying the streak but to a
patient bettor this will not matter, they will get out before the streak
goes cold even if they come in late. In this system they will progress
their bets slowly after each win and decrease the bet to the minimum when
they lose. This way they will slowly progress toward their goal without
running out of money to play with.

In an negative progression system, the bettor increases bets when they
lose usually following a mathematical progression in hopes of getting back
to even after a loss. This works best in small amounts, such as playing
video poker, where you have an opportunity to double a small bet, and then
double it again to the max bet after two losses. This is not a good system
to use in large betting scenarios, because you will exhaust your money

Some games, like Craps, are suited to hedge betting, where you make two
bets that can offset each other. One example cited Craps players, who will
make a don’t pass bet for some amount, say $10, and then place the 6 & 8
for slightly over half that amount. If the shooter hit sevens they will
lose a small amount, but if the shooter throws some sixes and eights
before he sevens out they will make profit.

No matter which system you like, remember that the art of the bet is in
knowing when to quit. The casino is not worried about the player who makes
the occassional run or win. They know if the player stays there long
enough they will make their money back and also money on food and
entertainment. Both player and casino can make betting an enjoyable
experience if they remember why they are there. This is high entertainment
and a lot of fun on a grand scale if done right.

By Laura Brown
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