You think I’m joking, right? I can almost see you squinting your eyes in a sarcastic smile, while reading a loud headline. Well, guess what. I’m about to share The Art, and believe me, you can perfect it quite easy, in a few simple steps.

Your gambling dollar is the most precious resource that is hinted for. Not only do we have online casinos that just would love to have it but also multitude of other bidders.

Webmasters of gambling portals, such as myself, would be very happy if you spend your dollar following their recommendation and willing to go to an extra mile to ensure that. But we are not the enemy and can be your best friends, I’ll tell you exactly how to take advantage of our predicament later in article, as I have to describe a bit different bread of hunters for your gambling dollar.

Gambling strategy gurus. No, I don’t try to display them as vultures, they are simply sharing their personal knowledge – but at what cost?! Buying any individual strategy can easily run into hundred bucks or more and it has become an obsession almost as big as gambling addiction to many people.

Fear not, as what follows bellow can quite possibly make your day, and if I manage to help you, than mine also.

Gambling portals can be quite good source of information. Due to nature of Internet and competition between us, you stand to benefit the most. In order for us to make a recommendation of online casino, that you might decide to follow and spend your dollar, we have to provide you with solid information. We have to ensure that what we share is exactly what you were looking for. Most of webmasters are also players and as such have favorite games and strategies that came out as result of playing them continuously and repeatedly. That information is usually shared on website to make our content unique and desirable. Do you see the possibility?

Take advantage of content provided. Simply visit any gambling portal and a quick browsing will reveal what that webmaster is highly interested in. Find what type of game he is most interested in. More then likely you will find tips related directly to that game that otherwise you would have to pay for.

Newsletter and mailing lists. You would be amazed how much super valuable information is shared through this medium. Getting YOU to subscribe is only small, while very desirable part of any webmaster or guru. Keeping you reading that newsletter or list and taking action on recommendation provided within is The Most Desirable Action. Trust me, I have mailing list myself and what I’m sharing might piss quite a few people off but hey… life is life.

Not all mailists are created equal, and you will find many that are nothing more then non-stop promotion. Leave it without giving it a second thought! Unless they promote exactly what you have asked for. Content within is your ultimate goal. Finding a newsletter with solid content will take some trial and error but will be well worth it in the end.

Ultimate Tip: Anyone publishing mailist or newsletter is required by CAN-SPAM legislature to provide their information and an easy unsubscribe option! Use it to protect yourself, don’t be afraid to click that unsubscribe link, make us earn your business!

Where to find good mailists?

First place is obvious, do a search and look for well-established portals. I can guarantee you that they will have a newsletter. Subscribe, evaluate, and unsubscribe if it’s not what you are looking for!

Clickbank marketplace. Visit the Sports and Recreation category and you will see few subcategories you might be interested in. No, don’t worry, I’m not trying to tell you to buy the product, although feel free if so inclined. Latest marketing craze dictates that every product must have a so-called squeeze page, to get you subscribe to that Guru mailist prior to sending you to product sales page. I’m sure that now you see the possibilities quite clear, don’t you?

Ok, ok… let me explain. Same marketing strategy dictates that it takes at least 7 emails prior to possible buyer making a purchase and very same strategy tell them to deliver CONTENT that will presell the product! Isn’t it what you are looking for? What a gambling master in his respective category might consider a small tip to presell – might be a complete strategy sold separately by someone less known.

Some practice and trial of what I have shared above will make these tasks into Art Of Getting Gambling Strategies For Free! Oh yeah, feel free to abuse my mailist as well… see if my I can earn small part of YOUR gambling dollar!

By Alex Nemal
Alex Nemal is founding author of “12 Days Of Gambling Christmas”. First Ever gambling giveaway, where players can get a load of free strategy ebooks, gambling tools, games and much more for absolutely FREE.