Live in California, then you might have searched how to play blackjack California in your efforts to play better. At the site experience how easy the game can be and how easy you can start to be a better player. There is a lot of questions you might have in your search for how to play blackjack California, but we will talk about some basics to get the idea better.

With playing blackjack you need to have a higher total than the dealer and it doesn’t matter if the other players have lower or higher total than you. The 10’s, kings, queens, and jacks are equal to 10. The ace is worth 11 or 1 and the other cards are worth as many points as they state such as 6 kis worth six. The idea is to have your two cards total higher than the dealer with your option to take as many cards as you choose as long as you don’t go over 21. The dealer has to take cards if his first two cards are under 17. If 17 or higher the dealer must stay. If you get 21 from your 1st 2 cards dealt, than they call that a blackjack. You are a automatic winner with that unless the dealer has an ace showing and they will ask if you want even money. If the dealer does have a 21 as well, then you tie and don’t win or loose. If the dealer has a 9 or below showing then you know for sure the dealer can’t win.

In your quest to learn how to play blackjack California you will also learn about things such as splitting or double down. Basically a split is what you can do if you have a pair of the same amount or cards. So if you have 2 8’s you can split those which means now your one hand becomes 2 seperate hands. When you are learning how to play blackjack California you might be tempted to split 2 10’s, but this is not the way to go. Unfortunately some people will do that and often leads to the whole table loosing. The best way is to learn the right tips and techniques from someone that can teach you correctly. Visit to learn more about how you can really have the edge now.

By blackjackincome