These Texas Holdem Poker tips are not longwinded, philosophical discussions about poker. They are 100% guaranteed working tips that make money against tight players. Period.

These Texas Holdem Poker Tips make money. All they do is make you win and be successful against tight players. There isn’t any fluff with these ones.

In this article I will discuss what it takes to become a force to reckon with when facing a tight player in the game of Texas Holdem.

This is a situation that forces many amateurs and intermediate player to fold fast and lose all their money.

However there are some very high impact Texas Holdem Poker tips that can drastically lessen your chances of being floored by a tight playing person and I will reveal a few of them in the next few paragraphs.

Texas Holdem Poker Tips On Tight Players

What is a tight Texas Hold Em player exactly? A tight Texas Hold Em player is for the most part a player that only plays with the best cards (High pairs or great pockets).

When he or she has a questionable hand they fold very fast and do not take many chances. The first tip to play and beat this type of player is to not fear him.

It is natural to be a bit hesitant to play a person that folds at uncertainty and blast away when they feel confident, but this is where you strike back by not giving in to the feeling.

Getting To Success Against Tights

Once you have overcome the natural fear and nervousness of playing a tight player it is time to plan your attack.

When in battle it is always a sign of power to look a man square in the eyes first and then gun him down without regard.

That being said your mission here is to expose the tight player for what he really is by pulling off his cloak of confusion.

You can easily do this by first determining if this player is tight aggressive or tight passive.

Beating Tight Passive Players (The Weaklings)

Tight passive players call a lot and they do so usually right after someone raises the pot when inversely a tight aggressive player only plays when they have good cards in hand and they in turn bet a lot.

Now that you know which type of tight player you’re dealing with you should be able to tell when it’s worth going up against him and when you should fold and live to fight another day. I hope this information has been helpful.

By Alex Poker
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