When playing Texas Hold Em knowing tips on how to play two pairs and draws properly is important. These Texas Hold Em Poker Tips are going to teach you how to do that.

There are so many different hands in Texas Hold Em Poker it starts to boggle the mind. There can be a variety of any one single hand, like a two pair or a draw. Knowing the different between these and how to play them properly is crucial for your long term success.

Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – Know Your Two-Pairs

There are a variety of two pairs your can get. You can get the top two pair, where both your cards are the top cards on the board. You can get the low two pair, where both your cards are the low two pair on the board. Then you can have a middle two pair where one pair is the top and one pair is the bottom.

With the middle and low two pairs you run the risk of the board pairing and you in fact losing your lead. A two pair is a pretty good hand unless this happens. This is why having the top two pair is far better, because you will either make a full house or the board will pair below you and you

By Alex Poker
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