Need some help playing the turn properly? Check out these amazing Texas Hold Em Poker tips to discover how to play the turn perfectly.

The turn is like the middle child of a family. Everyone cares a whole lot about the flop – the youngest child, and although less than the flop, still quite a bit about the oldest child – the river. But the turn never gets really much attention.

That’s sad, because the turn is quite an important part of the game. Scratch that. An absolutely crucial part of the game.

The turn often has the biggest effect on the game in way that changes who has the best hand. The flop sets the scene but it’s the turn that’s going to turn the tides to your favor – or the other way. How else do you think it got its name?

When you know how to play the turn properly you can easily increase your wins from playing through the hand’s you’ll win and cutting back on the hands you’ll likely lose. These tips will help you do that perfectly.

Texas Hold Em Poker Tips For Playing The Turn #1

The first thing you need to know – and this goes for nearly any hand, but especially the turn – is that if you have a hand that you think you are likely to call with, you should just straight bet out.

Betting is a far better tactic to employ in this situation. This will present strength and the guy on the other side, who might in fact not have quite what you thought, could possible get scared and fold.

Texas Hold Em Poker Tips For Playing The Turn #2

A rule of thumb goes that if you have a draw on the flop you should see it through to the turn for as cheaply as possible.

That’s a rule of thumb. This tip is that if you aren’t sure, follow the rule of thumb.

If you are a bit more advanced and can sense that the table isn’t too confident with the flop you should bet out aggressively to present strength. You might just be able to take the pot at the flop and if you don’t your implied odds for the turn draw card are now higher.

If you don’t want to be a losing poker player anymore and are keen to get in there and learn how to truly make money playing poker than please continue to check out more Texas Hold Em Poker tips now.

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