This article contains a glossary for Video Poker players. This consists of useful expressions for gamers wishing to learn how to play or to brush up their skills and gain a deeper understanding of Video Poker. It should be noted that Video Poker, in all its exciting versions and forms, produces a great form of entertainment. The terms outlined below are aimed to provide players with a better insight of the game.
Term- Explanation

Bankroll – This concerns the sum of money that is accessible for gaming.

Cash Out -This occurs when a player decides to withdraw funds from the video poker machine.

Credit – In video poker terms, this refers to virtual money.

Deal – Dealing in video poker involves a touch of the ‘deal’ button in order to receive cards.

Deuce – This relates to a number ‘two’ card.

Deuces Wild – Deuces Wild refers to a particular Video Poker game in which each card featuring a ‘two’ performs as a wild card.

Discard – This term used in Video poker is used to describe the situation of freeing oneself of undesired cards.

Draw Poker – This expression is used for the type of poker in which a player may discard a certain card or cards in order to receive new ones. It should be noted that most Video Poker games are types of draw poker.

Face Cards – This relates to the royal cards:- King, Queen and Jack

Flat Top – This refers to a video Poker machine that contains an arranged amount for the jackpot prize.

Full Pay Machine – This represents a type of Video Poker machine that offers the highest possible paybacks.

Hold – This term relates to the act of keeping certain cards.

Jacks or Better – This phrase refers to a particular variety of Video Poker in which a pair of jacks or a stronger hand creates a win.

Joker Poker – This is a type of Video Poker which uses 53 cards and the extra card is a joker that acts as a wild card.

Multi-Hand – This expression is the name of an exciting way of playing Video Poker in which more than one hand may be played simultaneously.

Odds – This refers to the probability of a particular eventuality.

Pay off – This term describes the value that may be earned for a particular winning hand.

Pay Table – This refers to the winnings for the different particular Video Poker hands that are set out in a schedule.

Progressive Jackpot – This expression relates to the type of winnings which increases according to the participants of the same game at differing casino locations.

Push – This term represents a tie in which the player does not win or lose.

RNG – This is an important feature for video poker entertainment as random number generator (RNG) ensures the random and fair nature of the game.

Wild Card – Such a card may replace a different card generating a poker hand.

Wager – This term is also known as a bet, or the money that is placed on a particular eventuality at a game.

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