Are you intimidated by the game of Craps? Do you look at the table, the excited, noisy players and wish you understood the game so that you could play too?

I hear that over and over. “Can the game be reduced to a level that I can understand?”

The answer is Yes! And it’s a lot easier than you imagined!


(Before I remove the 80% that you DON’T NEED!)

Let’s take a look at a typical Craps table Layout:

This is why the table seems so intimidating! Lots of stuff, lots of boxes, lots of words, lots of colors, and four dealers ready to yell at you if you make a mistake!

Let’s make this a little bit easier: Notice that there’s a middle section that’s located between the Boxman and the Stickman. But the other two sections are exactly the same…

So, let’s just cut out one of the duplicated sections and take a closer look:

Ahh, MUCH better! Now we’ve already made this 40% easier. You will be standing at one end or the other at your Craps table, and therefore, this is all you’ll want to concentrate on.

“But Wait” you say, “that’s still too complicated, and you promised to make it 80% easier”!

You are so right – so, let’s simplify this even more:

Remember that middle section (the one located between the Boxman and the Stickman)? You are going to completely forget about that too! That middle section no longer exists…

So now, you are left with only this:

WooHoo – Now we’re getting somewhere – You should no longer feel overwhelmed by the complexity of a Craps table.

So, let’s get rid of everything you won’t need and get right to the nitty gritty of what’s left… the 20% of the table that you’ll be playing….

And you’re gonna love this:

Sweet huh? There’s not much left of the table is there? You see some numbers across the top, some words on the side, and some words on the bottom…. That’s All – there is NO

NOW we’re talking…. Craps greatly simplified.

By Buzz B Berkeley
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