Do gambling systems really work?

People have asked me that question for the past 30 years. Everybody wants to know if there really is a secret way to beat the casinos and become wealthy as a gambler? I have a few friends who are professional gamblers and the one common theme that they have always preached to me is this: “you don’t win if your gambling, you have to bet smart”. So the real question is how do I bet smart enough to win when I go to the casino?

The first thing you must realize is that you cannot change the odds when someone rolls the dice or spins the wheel. If someone tries to teach you differently, they are lying to you because each spin of the wheel or roll of the dice is a completely independent event. There is absolutely nothing to prevent RED or EVEN from coming up 25 times in a row. I believe the biggest scam out there is the progressive betting system that basically teaches you how to keep doubling your bet until you win and then break even. That is why it is such a scam, you are going to be happy when you finally win and all you did was break even. You are also at very high risk of having huge bets on the table when you hit a bad run, and you WILL hit a bad run. People get into trouble and fail because they cannot afford those huge bets as they continue to double over and over again.

I have found a DVD that actually preaches right from the beginning “this is NOT a get rich program”. They repeat the message throughout all of the instructional videos for Roulette and Craps. They even show you how their system is based purely on the mathematics of “betting” based upon the outcome of each spin of the wheel. They explain the difference between the scams that attempt to “beat the odds” and a mathematical strategy that bets “according to the odds”. This DVD stresses the importance of treating your trip to the casino as an investment of time for a specific wage. You could actually decide that you want to earn $150 on your trip to the casino, not get rich, but earn a predetermined income. Would you be willing to “work” for 3 – 4 hours in order to “earn” your $150 paycheck? That is what made me really investigate this program and you know what, it worked. I watched the instructional DVD and followed their example using a coin flip. I was able to practice and prove the system worked before even placing a single bet at the casino.

The system is called “taking the gamble out of betting” and that is exactly what they have done. You are not gambling, you are “working at the casino” and your job is to bet based upon a system. It is a great opportunity to start your own business and develop a 2nd income. It won’t teach you how to “break the bank”, but it will teach you how to earn $500 a week in exchange for working your new business between 8 – 10 hours per week at the casino. In fact, you will even earn casino “comps” for food, drinks and even free hotel rooms while you are at “work” playing roulette or craps. Check it out for yourself, but this is a program that I am happy to endorse.

By Brad Popper
Brad is a father of 3 beautiful children and was lucky enough to mary his high school sweetheart and best friend Tracie. Brad lives a happy-go-lucky life and has just recently decided to start writing down his thoughts and opinions…. Brad would like me to say thanks to all of you for allowing him to share STUFF with you.