Home alone and getting bored? Or stressed out and saturated at your work place? Or are you tired of playing all the fighting games, poker games and sudoku? Then you need to go Bingo! Bingo is a game of chance in which randomly drawn numbers are matched by bingo players to those numbers appearing on their bingo cards. Bingo has become a stress busters and a source of entertainment amongst stressed and bored executives, and has always been a hit amongst females and a rage amongst kids These can be played in three ways :

1 Bingo Slots – You can play bingo on slot machines in which the numbers are drawn electronically and then matched to the numbers on your bingo cards. These machines have now slowly fade out because of the scope of cheating it provides to the gamblers and also because it is now an obsolete way to play in terms of technology.

2 Live Bingo – These can be played either in Casinos or in special Bingo Halls. In this, the casino attendant calls out the numbers randomly and the players strike out those numbers on their cards. This way was very popular and is still popular among some fans, mostly females.

3 Online Bingo – This is the easiest, cheapest and most popular way to play bingo live. There are many websites which provide free and paid online bingo games. Many of these require no registration and you dont have to submit personal information, though there are some in which you have to register first before you can play bingo live. And the best part is it is an interactive form of gaming as it provides chat rooms that allows players to interact and socialize. If you are still not a member and an account holder in any of the bingo sites and chat rooms, then you have still not arrived on the internet interactive and socializing network! And one of the in and best place to be seen online, is www.livebingo.com.There are many advantages of playing online bingo – you can play anywhere and anytime you like, even when you are getting bored at the office and want that much needed break, you can interact with other bingo enthusiasts via the chat rooms provided, and also win prizes and bonus money! So Bingo is not just a source of entertainment and stress busting, but also a way of winning prizes and jackpots! You can earn while having fun! If you are a regular player and an ardent bingo buff, then winning these jackpots and prize money will just be a child’s play for you. Though Bingo requires skill, fast decision making and requires you to take instantanious actions, this game also helps in sharpening your senses. So what are you waiting for? Just access the internet and go Bingo!

By Jessica Thomson
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