Blackjack, also know as 21, is one of the most widely played casino banking games of today. 21 is mostly popular because it is a mixture of chance with elements of strategies. We are privileged to have access to this casino game whenever or where ever our hearts call for it. How is this a possibility? Through the wonderful creation of online live casinos. Of course, many of us usually do not look for the norm, rather something unique. Something “sweet”, as the younger crowd might put it. The sweetest 21 you can find at the tips of your fingers is live dealer Blackjack or live dealer 21. This is possible through video streaming of a real live game of 21. You can only find a real live game of Blackjack once you choose a real live dealer casino. There are only a handful of them to choose from at the present moment, but they define the next generation of online gaming.

What’s so sweet about live Blackjack is the fact that you can actually see and hear a real dealer manage the game from a live casino. You can take part in all of the action from the comfort of your own home or from your office when you have the extra time. You don’t need to take a vacation or drive anywhere in order to partake in a real Blackjack game. The game and rules of the game are exactly the same as if you were in a bricks and mortar casino. The professional live casinos also offer helpful guides such as the minimum and maximum allowed bets for the live Blackjack game.

As I mentioned previously, 21 is a game of chance mixed in with elements of skill. This is where card-counting comes into hand and actually where it all started. Live casinos took this strategy into consideration when preparing to serve the cyber world. For this reason, live casinos use multiple decks of cards in order to have more of a house edge. Despite this, card counting skills can still help you a bit when playing Blackjack online.

A very sweet online find is Blackjack with Early Payout. Two live casinos offer this Blackjack version in order to make the game more attractive. This variation of Blackjack includes all of the basic rules, but it gives the online player an additional betting option. This option can be taken when you are not sure your hand will beat the live dealer’s hand. So, instead of taking the chance of loosing the entire bet you take an Early Payout, which returns a portion of your bet to your pot.

If you choose the right online casino, you may also find the Doppelgänger side bet. This is an added value when wanting to win at a Blackjack game. A Doppelgänger is any two cards that are exactly the same suit or color. The side bet needs to be made for the first two cards dealt. So, this may be an option only for the most experienced players.

When playing Blackjack with a live casino be sure to choose the right live casino that will give you the many betting options and variations that are available to you online. What is so attractive about playing real live Blackjack or 21 with a live dealer casino is not only the fact that you can see and hear the real game from where ever you choose to do so, but also the additional betting variations these casinos offer their players in order to build a sweet bond between the casino and the Blackjack player.

By Sofia Hill
Sofia Hill writes original and informative articles on live casinos. Check out more details on the best online live Blackjack game.