Fellow citizens of Degen City, in our world rich men can lose a fortune on the turn of a card and the lucky can go from rags to riches. Ours is a world of glory and highs. Ours is a world of lows and pains. It’s a tough world, the world of gambling. But we love it. We’ll say until the cash runs out.

For gamblers cash is life. Tapping out is like death, nothing is worse for a gambler than losing your bankroll. You need to manage it. You need find your edge wherever you can. Until you find that golden betting system, that inside tip or outright cheat; make sure you are exploiting every advantage the casinos offer. It’s the only way to make sure you get the most gambling out of every dollar. The longer we can gamble, the more chances we’ll finally hit that hot rush that takes us to promised land.

For casino players; this means exploiting casino comps, bonus codes and making sure your getting a casino rebate. If your local casino is enjoying their monopoly too much to give you a fair break, take your action to an online casino that will give you respect for your action.
Casino comps are perks casinos give their gamblers. Usually it’s enough to get the casino membership reward card. Make sure you always use it when playing so that the casino credits you for every dollar you bet with them. A good casino comp program will get you free meals, rooms and even show tickets. It’s always fun taking perks from the casino but the most important thing is that it saves you money, and so over the long run your money will last a lot longer.

Online casinos can’t offer the insane “atmosphere” of a real casino. So to compete with your local land casino and with the thousands of other online casinos they have been forced to offer some pretty good welcome bonuses to casino players. It’s never been so good for casino gamblers. The typically offer is a 100% match bonus, which means that they match your deposit dollar for dollar. It’s basically like doubling your money just by switching your action to an online casino. This means you can use those extra chips to gamble longer or to make it easier to book a winning session.

Getting a casino rebate is the holy grail. When the casino offers you a rebate on your action, it means you never go broke. You still get your comps and bonuses when you win. But even if you lose, the casino gives back some of your losses. It’s the most dramatic way to reduce the house edge, especially if your playing a good system on a low house edge game like blackjack or baccarat. Because the casino makes so little money offering rebates, its normally a luxury only handed out the whales who can gamble millions a night.

It’s harder to get them from live casinos but given the tough state of the economy you might get lucky, so if you do gamble high make sure you talk to a casino rep. Don’t lose hope though, if protecting your bankroll is important to you there are online casino rebate deals that are open for all gamblers no matter what level your action is at.

Sorry, I know you’ve read this far and you haven’t learnt the secret golden betting system, the name of the next sure thing or even some secret scam to cheat the casino but you have the knowledge you need to survive a bit longer in our world. I hope I means you play longer, player smarter and hope you hit that hot rush to take you to promised land.

By Vivian Q
Another sick asian gambling chick! 🙂