Sucker bets to avoid in casinos.

All of us gamblers have different preference for different games. Knowing how to play a specific game is merely a piece of the puzzle. You must learn all the games optimal strategy before playing online. Let us tell you the typical scenario of a gambler. He’s good at blackjack, he plays blackjack and makes a ton of money. However, he gets bored and switches over to roulette, where he has little clue about, but simply love the excitement. Soon he loses everything back to the casino. So you see where this is coming from? You need to know the optimal playing strategy for most if not all the games you play.

Here we’re going to talk about several popular casino games to get you started on your journey.

Blackjack strategy

Always double down when you have an 11. Always. With that said, there is one exception. First, you must want to consider the dealer’s card. If the dealer has a 10 facing up, you might want to think twice about doubling down. However, if it is any other number, repeat after me – “Always double down”.

Insurance – to do or not to do, that Is the question.

The answer to that statement is a very easy one for professional gamblers. You do not ever buy insurance. Never ever. The insurance’s payback is not on your side and is what one would call a “sucker’s bet”. Never ever buy insurance. If there one thing you take from this entire article, it is never to buy insurance. If you’re feeling insecure about not buying insurance, then you may have to reconsider why you’re playing in a casino, maybe you should not be there.

Craps Tips

Never do proposition bets

Again this is another one of those sucker’s bet. All different types of prop bets are sucker’s bets. If you do not know what prop bets are, they are the ones in the middle of the table. Understand that their odds are not in your favor, though it may be fun to play one or two, but their pay-back is not in your favor.

Never ever bet on the Field

The first areas one might notice on a craps table is the field. It is filled with large numbers and all so very colorful. It is made this way to attract your attention and for you to place bets on them. The payback for the field occurs only when it is a roll of five, six, seven or eight. The gambling house has a very large probability to take it away from you, then giving you your winnings. Again, this is another “sucker’s bet” and you should avoid at all cost.

European Roulette only please!

Most gambling houses have two versions of roulette – American and European. The American roulette has an added zero on it and it would be very wise to avoid playing in an American roulette. The European version only has one zero on it and the house advantage is a mere 2.70%. If your casino only offers American roulette, I would recommend you to move on to another casino. Especially so online where there are thousands of online casinos available at the click of a button.

So that pretty much sums up these the sucker bets to avoid in casinos. Remember, the trick about knowing how to play allows one to make money. But knowing when to stop eventually decides the winner. So stop when you’re ahead, don’t lose everything back.

By Freddy Green
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