One of the more attractive games in a casino is the slot machine. Players frequent this type of gaming in a casino for numerous reasons. Slot machines are the darlings of the casino as they return the most profit. The odds are definitely in favor of the house rather than the player. Even with the odds against them, there are some strategies that players can use to help improve their odds of winning a large pay out.

When frequenting a particular casino, players should search for what is known as a “loose slot machine”. These machines have higher odds for the player than do other machines. Typically, to be considered a loose slot machine, the machine should pay around 97% or 98% of the wages back.

Identifying these machines takes a little work. It is important to be observant when in the casino. Keep an eye out for machines that seem to be paying out frequently. These are typically easily to spot. The design of the game provides auditory as well as visual cues that make them easy to notice. Also, observing the players gestures and body language can speak volumes. You might also keep an eye open for a group of people. Often times, groups of people will congregate around a winning machine. If you do find a slot machine that appears to be loose, stay nearby. You will want to be in an advantageous position to swoop in when the machine is vacated.

Progressive jackpot slot machines tend to have more favorable odds. These machines would be prudent to play. Many progressive jackpots show the number of winners and their winnings. Also, it might show when the more recent jackpot was won. This can help you gauge the frequency of payout.

Also, don’t be afraid to walk away from a losing machine. Many people continue feeding money into these machines believing that a payoff is imminent. While, the machine will pay off eventually, there is no guarantee that it will be any time soon. This is often a mistake made by many gamblers who frequently play slot machines.

By Dave Saltonstall
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