I my self have never really been a betting type person with the exception of maybe the lottery and scratch tickets and casino’s and well I guess I am a betting or gambling person. There are all types of things to gamble on I just mentioned a few of them above and there are probable thousands more that I don’t even know about. At work there are all types of gambling pools on baseball, basketball, and football and even nascar. I always wished that I would win the lottery or powerball so I keep bying lottery tickets and scratch off tickets. We even go to the casino every once in awhile to try and “win our fortune” but it never ends up that way it is usually a waist of money.

Now there are all types of systems on the internet about how to increase your odds on the lottery. Or the online number generators that are supposed to pick numbers for you and increase your chances of winning the powerball. Well I have tried and used a number generator for my numbers for awhile and I was not impressed, but I have to admit that I had more numbers show up in the lottery than I have when they were quick pick tickets.

Keno is about the only thing that I have been somewhat successful at. I have won 400 dollars about 5 times over a 3 month interval which I would say is pretty lucky. Now there is a program sure money system from an ivy league graduate from Cornell University with a PHD in statistics that guarantees a 97% profit on all sports bets. Doesn’t matter if you have ever bet on a game before or even if you don’t know anything about the betting process on games. John Morrison has come up with a fool proof way that you can literally dominate the gambling world whether it be on basketball, football, soccer, or even horse racing it doesn’t matter what the sport his system works.

By Robert
A small article on a system by John Morrison that I came across and wanted to share with the gambling community.