As of late spamming of online gambling on the internet has become more than serious, it has become epidemic especially with Google. You will find everything that is irrelevant to which you are searching for on some search terms and phrases when comparing Google with MSN and Yahoo.

I have checked the keyword phrase best online bonuses with Google and when you see what comes up on the first page it is 70% spam websites of one form or another. Check the same keyword phrase with either MSN or Yahoo and the first page for each brings up at least 80% of websites that are gambling websites.

Other keyword phrases to check are gambling bonuses, top gambling bonuses, microgaming online bonuses, playtech online bonuses and numerous others. The unfortunate result of all this spamming is not only does it hurt those gambling webmasters who have worked hard to create reputable websites but it also affects those that are looking up those search terms.

One website I have found on Google is redirecting from two different websites on the search term microgaming online bonuses. The two websites that are redirecting are and The website that they redirect to is which is an eighteen page website.

If you type either of the two above redirect sites you will find spamming at its best. The spams 499 web pages and spam’s
279 web pages. That is spamming at its best for they are spamming an 18 page website called over 778 times.

These spammers are also pretty careful about never been found out as they have their domain names under registry lock. By doing this you will never find out who the crook behind the online gambling website is.

If you also take a look at the website you will also notice that they have no contact for email, no information of any value and not even a links page for reciprocal linking. There is one thing spammers understand and that is they will be there for the short term before they are shut down.

With spamming on the internet of not only online gambling, we should all take spamming more serious. For those of you who have taken the time and effort to building quality websites and then loose your search page ranking due to spammers, you can take action.

Report Spam Sites To MSN – At the bottom of every SERP select the “Help us Improve” Link

We can all help to improve the search results on the internet for our visitors to our online gambling websites by reporting those online gambling websites that spam.

By Barry Ohman
Barry Ohman is my name and I love to write for the internet. I have decided to make the internet my career at this point in life. My passion is now building websites. My latest is