Blackjack is one of the two most popular casino games in the world, the other being poker, blackjack is unbelievably easy to learn and play. It’s a strategy based table game but at the same time luck has a considerable role to play here. Unlike poker, there are some predetermined strategies and rules which you have to follow in blackjack. Let’s take a look at some evolutions of blackjack.

  • Tournament blackjack– it’s an internet based tournament blackjack that offers players a hell lot of money on winning. But also, players need to have very good knowledge with respect to betting viz. when to make the right bet, how to make the right bet and above all, what amount would be right to place as a bet. Two
    varieties of scheduled elimination blackjack tournament are out there that offers assured prizes namely, single table blackjack sit and go and multi table blackjack sit and go. Both of these are internet based games and are played online.
  • Online blackjack– it has turned out to be a great alternative for gamblers. They don’t anymore have to leave the home to play their favorite game. Not only that, if there’s not much time, they can play a few hands, if there is time, they can indulge into the joy of playing and winning. This liberty that they get with the virtual casinos have given them a whole world of gambling
    opportunities with live table games, no or little deposits, lots of bonuses, no dress codes, more chances of winning and no hassle to travel all the way to the casino.
  • Blackjack-online or land-based: the debate goes on. There are countless players who thrive on online casinos and almost an equal number of people who have made their fortunes in land-based ones. Nevertheless, if you try to be impartial and judge which one is the better, you’ll find a number of elements in both of them
    which can easily be categorized as ‘pros’ and ‘cons’. For example, when you are playing at an online casino, you don’t have to bother about somebody else declaring “hit” or “stand”, when the dealer holds an ace; which, in a land-based casino, you have to. Another thing about land-based casinos is that you actually get to count the card physically, which, apparently, in an online casino, you cannot.

By Arnold Richard
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