The answer to that question may raise a few eyebrows. There are bingo fans all over the world and they consist of people from all walks of life. Even famous celebrities such as Catherine-Zeta Jones, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson and Russell Crowe are all self proclaimed bingo fanatics. Almost everyone who has had the privilege of playing bingo has enjoyed the experience, especially online bingo.
As to why people play bingo is a question with countless answers. To start with bingo is probably the most socially acceptable of all gambling methods. This stems from the fact that churches and charitable organizations associate themselves with the game. Bingo has had a positive influence on society in many different countries around the world for many years now.
Add to that the anticipation and excitement that comes from watching your numbers as they are being called out, the rush of adrenaline generated from the thought of being that lucky winner. Playing bingo online has given bingo a new lease of life as it seemed to be associated with the older generations but now there are young and old players playing in there scores.
The social aspect of online bingo has also given its popularity another huge boost as people now play bingo as well as chatting to friends and family using the bingo sites chat functionality. The bingo community also allows players to make friends with others who share a common interest in bingo.
Another alluring factor behind the undoubted success of online bingo is the jackpots that can be won. Bingo jackpots have tipped the £1 million mark on a number of occasions now, and as a result, has lead many bingo sceptics to change their mind and give it a go.
If you were to undergo a survey of players playing at an online bingo hall at any one time you would find teachers, students, executives, professionals, housewives, athletes, doctors – almost any type of person you can think of and almost any occupation. The reason is simple: bingo is a game that can be enjoyed by anyone as it is so easy to play, its socially acceptable, has huge jackpots and you can socialise whilst you play – what more can you ask for?
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By Erim Jones
Content Writer