Casino operators in UK welcome some developments in the gaming rules. The government in UK allowed players of slots to bet bigger amounts and at the same time win more money in slot machines. Rules on slot machines have eased up a bit in UK.

In the past, casino players could only bet up to 50 pence in slot machines. But the new rules allow players to bet £1. Consequently, the prizes for slot machines have also doubled. From £35 it has now upped to £70. The new rules were made by the government to aid the struggling slot machine gaming industry in casinos.

In casinos worldwide, the slot machine gaming industry has faced tough competitions in other more popular casino games. For instance, poker games are gaining more and more popularity all over the globe. As a result, most gamers prefer to play poker games particulary Texas Hold’em.

Bingo is also another competition for the slot machine industry especially in the UK. Bingo is the most favourite pastime for most retired folks and the bingo fever is even catching up among the younger people in the UK today. These factors affected the operations of the slot machines.

The new rule will affect the fruit machines that are installed in pubs and clubs all over United Kingdom. The UK government wanted to help give the ailing slot machine industry a necessary boost to keep them going at the same time also help pubs and clubs earn more.

The 2007 Gambling Laws somehow affected the operations in slot machines making their income drop. A number of establishments were even forced to close as a consequence. Recognizing the need to inject more enthusiasm for the slot machines and to aid pubs and clubs earn profits especially in the midst of economic downturn, the UK government established the new rules to address the problems of the industry.

It will affect fruit machines in pubs and clubs within the UK. The changes were made to assist the ailing industry as a consequence of the government making a more concerted effort to produce a positive outcome in profits for pubs and clubs. The introduction of the 2007 Gambling Laws saw slot machines revenue fall dramatically, with many establishments being forced to close.

UK Culture Secretary, Andy Burnham has supported the new rules acknowledging it will bring a much needed boost in assisting pubs and clubs stay financially secure in tough economic times.

UK Culture Secretary Andy Burnham welcomed the new developments. The changes in the rules is believed to rake in additional 20% income for the industry. This translates into additional £27 million tax money for the government. Machines need to be updated to accommodate the new limits. The operators of slots in pubs and clubs all over UK applauded the government’s efforts to help their ailing industry.

By Guy Field
With the number of laws affecting casino games such as slots and other gambling games like online bingo there has been an impact on companies. For example there are a number of bingo halls that have closed down due to regulations.