Slot machines are a classic form of casino entertainment and with the advent of computer technology slots have been given a new lease of life. It is more than 70 years since they first appeared in casinos and they are still firm favorites. Despite all the legends of crafty player with magnetic rings to control the reels or eagle-eyes that can count the number of spins slot machines are straightforward to play and there is nothing that you can do to better your odds once you play a turn.

The pleasure in playing slots comes from the tranquility of being in full control without dealing with other players, dealers, or waiting around for the next round to begin. Add to that the prospect of making high winnings and it is easy to understand why slots are still so popular. Using video technology modern slots can have several ‘reels’ on the screen and jackpots can be won by making lines that go in diagonals or are even just if a certain number of the same symbol shows up anywhere on the screen after the spin.

Although there isn’t much that you can do to change your odds once you spin the reels there are a few tricks you can pull to better your winning chances before you hit the ‘spin’ button.

The first detail to be aware of is that not all slot machines have the same return percentage. This is the percentage of money that is returned of the cash that is put in. Return percentages can run from as low as 87% to as high as 98% so of course you should try for the higher return percentages.

The second most important rule to abide by is to always play the maximum bet. Most slots allow you to choose how many credits you want to play with each spin. Almost always the pay-out on a maximum bet will be proportionately higher than if you play less credits. If you are going to win then you want to make the most of it!

Modern communications have enabled an interesting new addition to the world of slot machines are progressive machines. These are slots that share a common jackpot that can be between all the machines in the casino or even between different casinos. The longer the machines are played without anyone winning the higher the jackpot climbs. The jackpot on these machines can be astronomical running into millions of dollars but will only be available if you play a maximum bet. Another good reason to hit the ‘max’ button every time.

Finally to make sure you don’t walk away disappointed you should always carefully bankroll your cash every time you play. Any winnings you make along the way you should put aside and not put back in the machine. That way even if you don’t come out ahead at the end of your session you may at least have something to show for you efforts.

By Will Win
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