Although no one will ever truly know where the casinos are likely to place the loosest
slots, we do have some suggestions based on research, staff experience in casinos, and
talking to various casino personnel. These suggestions are simply that: suggestions.
They may or may not apply to a particular casino. Plus, casinos are notoriously subject to
changing their procedures if the players get too lucky!


Here’s where our research and experience indicate that the best machines may be located:

* One row in from the major aisles. Lots of people can still hear the jackpots and the
casino avoids customers walking down the aisle with no intention of playing slots
except for the odd coin or two on the run.

* Near food and snack bars. The reasoning here is that the sound of jackpots will
encourage people to eat faster and get out to play the slots.

* Generally, any location that is highly visible from other slot machines. People tend to
spend more dollars when they see other slot players winning.


Here too, the suggestions, while based on research and experience, may or may not apply
to the casino you are in. With that disclaimer, here is where we feel the tight machines
are located:

* Near table games. People at table games, especially blackjack, have no intention of
playing slots and the noise of jackpots going off will simply irritate them and perhaps
cause them to leave. This same rule applies to machines near the sports betting areas.

* Near show or ticket lines. People in these lines are not going to get out of line to play
slots. For the most part they are done gambling for that time and the sound of
jackpots is wasted on them.

* Any remote or low traffic areas. Remember, casinos like for the most people possible
to see a jackpot when it’s won to encourage them to play.

Good Luck!

By Tom McBroom
Tom is the webmaster at,
which is a website dedicated to turning beginning Blackjack
players into serious recreational players.