The Internet is brimming with sites offering slot machines for sale. Even if you know the type of machine you want, it is still a daunting task to choose the company from which you wish to buy. Looking for the least expensive poker machine for sale is one way to begin your search; however, choosing solely on price may not be prudent. A careful reading of a company’s site may give you clues concerning its ethics, knowledge and reliability.

All casino equipment available for sale to private individuals is used. A casino will retire a number of machines and sell them to a broker. Brokers do not sell directly to the public; they sell to vendors. The slot machines sold to vendors will not be in working condition, so the vendor must then rehabilitate them before putting them up for sale. A company that has the knowledge to renovate the poker machines itself can offer both lower prices and better customer service.

Gamblers Choice, a leading internet slot machine vendor, has technicians on-site to rehabilitate and refurbish the casino machines it buys. It also keeps fifty machines on hand at all times. Most importantly, Gamblers Choice has customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your machine won’t accept bills at 7 p.m. on Saturday, you can call Gamblers Choice and a technician will troubleshoot the problem with you.We have a warehouse with a constant combined stock of 30-50 machines depending on the season. We constantly restock as the need arises. We do not have a showroom. We make the slot machine cabinets at the warehouse and also supply other vendors who cannot make their own. We purposely have very low overhead costs so that we can pass these savings to the consumer. Showrooms are nice but costly. Machines are always available for viewing or inspection prior to purchase. We ship door to door using 5-day economy. All shipments can be tracked via the internet. We refurbish and support our own machines, no third parties.

Most casino machine problems are easily solved. Gamblers Choice will not simply send you a manual and say, “Call us during regular business hours.” When you buy a slot machine from Gamblers Choice, you are buying comprehensive customer service as well. To learn more, contact them by phone at 937-260-1300.

By Gamblers Choice Online
Gamblers Choice Online offers a wide selection of casino slot machines for sale to be used for home entertainment.