Slot machines were found in the early 1890’s by Sittman and Pitt in New York. The Slot machine was later recreated by several other people according to their liking. But the most famous one is the one with the lemons and cherries and several other symbols. The first electronic machine was installed in the year 1964.

Slot machines have always has been gaining popularity from the day it has been installed. The slot machines are generally found in bar’s and casinos. This form of gambling is the most fun way to kill time and it also is the fastest way of loosing money. The slot machine needs one percent of player skill and the rest is left to luck. You could walk out of the casino a millionaire or a popper. The slot machines have several other names; the Australians call it the poker machine and the British call it the fruit machine. The slot machine starts working when it’s feed with either nickels or paper tickets with bar codes encrypted on them.

Once the slot machine is activated all the player has to do is pull the lever on the side of the machine. The player is rewarded with something and in most cases nothing depending on the combination of symbols that flash on the screen. The player can earn from nothing to $10, 00,000. In general a slot machine has 3-5 reels. The symbols that appear on the reel decide your fate for that moment. The slot machines are the most adrenaline pumping games that is present on the casino floor. The most number of slot machines are found in Las Vegas the city where you can land up owning a penthouse in Sweden or on the streets.

The player better be sure that once the lever has been pulled he or she got up on the right side of his bed.

By Daniel Mayer
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