It requires discipline, but you’ll be rewarded with a longer gaming session (so your bankroll will go further) and, with luck, better returns.

The way to do it is to examine your existing staking level. To demonstrate the staking plan principle, I will use a basis of 40p a spin, covering 20 lines, at 2p a line.

The way to play is as follows

* 5 spins at 20p a spin (1p a line)
* 5 spins at 40p a spin (2p a line)
* 5 spins at 60p a spin (3p a line)
* Then repeat the above

The added excitement is that you will be willing the Fruit Machine features to hit when you are playing 60p a spin (increasing your payout by 50% over the usual 40p a stake). If the feature should hit when you are playing, then it’s not a problem, as the money won provides more cashflow, ready for further spins, and hopefully a 60p a spin feature hit further down the line. Note that the overall stake per spin averages at 40p a spin, like before.

If you play at £1 a spin, a more sophisticated staking pattern can be employed:

* 5 spins at 40p a spin (2p a line)
* 5 spins at 80p a spin (4p a line)
* 5 spins at £1.20 a spin (6p a line)
* 5 spins at £1.60 a spin (8p a line)
* 5 spins at £2 a spin (10p a line)

Note that the overall cost per spin remains at £1 per spin. However, also note the extra excitement as 20 % of spins will be at a mouthwatering £2 per spin but at no extra cost! And of course, should the feature hit at a lower stake (40p, 80p) then the proceeds add to the cashflow ready for the next hit, hopefully at a higher stake.

Here’s hoping that the staking plans described add more fun to your play.

By Dave Willow
Dave has been worked in IT for the last 20 years and is a now involved in the gaming industry.