Not only jackpots are higher online, but are already fairly common among players to claim that the payout is better in casino online, because they reduce their margin of winning due to its reduced costs associated with maintenance.

Thus, the logical thing is to play the slot machine that is more favourable to the player and where the jackpots are higher. In this sense, the online slots are actually better, but still can not convey the same experience that the physical environment of a casino.

Also, typically the Casinos Online has a welcome bonus which can be a Match Deposit Bonus – increasing your budget available for the game. In fact, budget management and the selection of the machine are the keys to maximize the entertainment in a slot machine:

Always play with money that you can really afford to lose. All machines ensure profit for the casino, and if in a given session luck is not smiling is not even worth repeating and exceed the pre-established budget.

A good method to ensure a responsible gaming is planning the days you want to play and just go to the casino without any physical extra money or money “plastic” for those days. Of course, this requires discipline.

In the casino online world, many casinos allow to set limits. After this initial planning, then you can simply have fun without any stress because no matter what happen you will pass the limits of your budget in the Slot Machine.

The selection of slot machines is a dimension particularly difficult because it is a subjective decision. However, as already mentioned slots online have a better theoretical return.

Generally, the online slots theoretical return is between 91% and 98%. But variance is also a key factor. The fewer lines and lesser bonus the smaller will be the variance. However, big prizes are in progressive jackpots – high variance machines.

If you are looking for a small profit or a long session, a slot machine 3 lines without paying bonus game is ideal. However, these slots are typically considered bored by many players…

If you own a larger budget, or have find an casino online with a good bonus to increase your budget, then of course you can try your luck on progressive jackpot as the Mega Jackpots Monopoly (Platform Wagerworks) or a multiplayer game as a bonus Galaxy Grab Microgaming. Both games are fun with bonus multipliers above average.

Finally, is noteworthy the appearance of the slot tournaments both in land based casinos and online casinos. In some online casinos tournaments start at zero cost.

They are similar in concept to the poker tournaments with freerolls and buy-ins and on a regular basis. Recently, the Microgaming platform launched the Grand Slam tournament, where anyone could qualify. In October 2009, found the winner, an English player who won more than one million…

By Milton Pinto
Milton Pino, participates in various sites related to online gambling. Maintains the site Casino Online