From casinos game in the most deprived countries of the world to Las Vegas, everybody knows slot machines. Enthusiastic about automatic roulette, Charles August created the first sample of slot machine in 1894. At that time, it was called “Horseshoe”, then perfected into machines with 3 concentric roulettes baptized “4-11-44”, in 1895. Then he invented too the first slot machine with rollers, the “Card Bell” in 1898, transformed into a more compact machine made with metal in 1899, known under the name of “Liberty Bell”. Since this time, machines do not stop developing in basic material, in design and in feature.

Nowadays, the most used are electronic slot machines as video slot machines, classic slot machines, video poker machines… In some casinos, players can even perceive machines with classic rollers integrated in a LCD screen. But whatever difference there are, the features always remain more or less the same : the player has just to insert coins, cash, or in newer Ticket-In, Ticket-Out machines, a bar-coded paper ticket, into a designated slot on the machine and launch the game by means of buttons, or with a control lever (one-armed bandit) or with a touch-sensitive screen. Then he can choose among the combinations which are displayed but when all the combinations are completed, the cycle stops there. The object of the game is to win money from the machine matching symbols.

Mostly, the rate of redistribution of a slot machine which includes between 85 to 99% or the equivalent in quantity of money staked and put back to the player who gains varies from a machine to another one and the balance goes to casino. In most of countries, the right to put an upper limit on gain paid back to player belongs to the government but not to the casino game operators.

By Maxmacy
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