Bingo, which is purely a game of chance, is often played for its great entertainment value. But lots of people choose online Bingo for winning the huge Bingo prizes as well. Though it is largely believed that in the game of Bingo, whether played live or online, the player can do very little to influence the outcome of this unpredictable game, the players of online Bingo can increase their chance of winning by playing the game sensibly.

According to many for playing online Bingo players hardly require any skill or knowledge. But as any other game of number and probability Bingo can also be played intelligently and the thinking and analytical skill of the player can enhance his possibility of being the lucky winner. So, if you want to play sensible online Bingo you must learn to analyze the number patterns given on the Bingo cards.

In online Bingo as you sign up to a reputed website you are asked to buy bingo cards. You can choose more than one card at a time. In most of the Bingo websites players are offered Bingo cards containing 75 or 90 numbers distributed into a 5×5 grid named as B, I, N, G and O. random numbers are then generated by the online casino and the player has to watch minutely if the bingoed number matches to any of the numbers on your cards. If it does the player becomes the winner.

Joseph E Granville, a talented mathematician has studied the number patterns of the online Bingo cards and after extensively analyzing them he propounded a set of online Bingo strategies which have produced great results when tried by the online Bingo players.

The online Bingo strategies developed by Granville are quite comprehensive and easy to follow.

He says that when you are selecting Bingo cards you should always try to pick cards in which the ending numbers are evenly distributed. This means that in your Bingo cards the quantity of such numbers that end in 1, 2, 3, 4… should be equal.

Granville’s Bingo strategy also says that you should choose a Bingo card that has same amount of even numbers and odd numbers are balanced.

The other potent strategy of online Bingo is that if the strong numbers and weak numbers are equally distributed in your card you have a better chance of winning the game of online Bingo.

Choose your Bingo cards sensibly by following these uncomplicated but highly effective strategies and you can win fabulous Bingo prizes.

By Kenny Wilson
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