Compared to the usual online blackjack, live blackjack is less susceptible to manipulations since you are playing with actual dealers instead of with a computer. This means you are dealing with actual dealers and actual cards. With computer generated blackjack, you can never be too sure if the playing field between you and the computer is even–and if the casino did not manipulate the odds to make you lose the games. This is possible with certain programs, and these have been proven. Nonetheless, even if you play blackjack online in its live format, there are still a number of risks involved. After all, the Internet–and all its numerous features and technologies–are open to such possibilities. This why you must exercise caution before you play blackjack online.

But why is this necessary before one can play blackjack online if live blackjack cannot be manipulated? Simple: because fraudulent behavior among online casinos that offer live blackjack game services is possible. Online casinos can do this through a number of ways. For one, they can hold one’s winnings for as long as possible. When this happens, the winnings remain in your account, and the chance that you spend it in other blackjack sessions becomes higher. Therefore, their aim is to make you spend all of your winnings, so they don’t have to spend it to you.

Others, on the other, refuse to spend your winnings by giving very strict terms. Once you fail to meet these unfairly stringent terms, you become ineligible to get your winnings after you play blackjack online.

So how can you make sure that you won’t be tricked when you play blackjack online? Again, it’s all a matter of being cautious before you play blackjack online. First of all, and also the most important, choose the service provider for online blackjack before you play. There are a number of prominent live casinos on the Internet that offers live games, where you can play blackjack online. Choosing a dependable online casino is the most important decision you will have make since this will dictate whether or not you will be given good service or not.

Finding good service providers before you play blackjack online is easy thanks to the Internet. You can easily find website reviews and user comments online, and there are websites dedicated to listing fraudulent online casinos. The tools are abundant to help you find the right online where you can play blackjack online.

Besides these, you can also check the terms of the service provider before you play blackjack online. Are the terms for withdrawing winnings clear? Did the casino give a specific time for the delivery of the winnings? If not, then clarify this with the casino–or find an online casino that offers more transparent terms.

When you play blackjack online, your first intention must be to have fun. However, you will obviously not have fun if you are too bothered and concerned with the service and the reliability of the online casino you are playing at. Therefore, you avoid these future problems, practice these precautions before you play blackjack online.

By Dan Roberts II
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