For over the years, we are to see that the game of blackjack has changed gradually. By which today, many of casino sites offer the different variants of the game for the enthusiast like us is having a hard time in choosing what games will be of good odds and which has the most house edge against us. However, brick and mortar casinos are trying to offer the variants that give them the highest possible house edge. For which the game diminish a percentage of profit to those card counters.

Although at online casino, the card counters cannot have the chance to beat the game because the decks are being re-shuffled after every game. That means that you have to find a favorable odds in the game of blackjack while playing online.

By that system, we are to look for the best rules to be able to get greater odds in winning the game of blackjack.

One of the rules that you may carry is to look and decide on which blackjack game will you play and consider the freedom you have with your hand in the game. You should look for a game that will allow you to split pairs, it will be better if you find a game that will allow you to split and re-split your aces cards. In most live casinos, blackjack often limits the amount of possibilities of splitting pairs and sometimes they don’t allow splitting of pairs at all times. Same thing with doubling down, if you can find a game that will allow you to double down after splitting pair then most likely you’ll have to give up a big percentage of the house edge.

The dealer is what we are to engaged and combat with. This is the area of the game where rules significantly varies a lot. In here, the dealer has to dealt with a soft 17 and it can have a big effect on the house edge. You’ll have to play for a game that will make the dealer stand on all the 17’s that are being dealt to him. If he hits on a soft 17, then the house edge will now increase against you.

Eventually, you are to find for a game that will allow you to surrender half of your bet after getting dealt of the first of your two cards. This option can lower the house advantage against you and may increase you chances of winning big bucks, if played properly. You’ll have to play and learn which hands will you surrender. Essentially, you are to based on what the dealer is showing. Learning all of the said rules are not difficult. Taking advantage of this rule will give you greater chances of winnings.

By Cassy Novamba
Cassy Novamba supply online casino guides and tips to every enthusiast to learn more about their favorite games. Also provides gaming tips on how to play and win on different casino games over the web. Lending you a remarkable and winning game!