These are the rules of Texas Hold’Em, which is one of the main variations of poker and is popular in casinos and online poker games.

In a game of Texas Hold’Em, there must be a minimum of two players and a maximum of ten players. The goal is to win as many chips as you can in each pot.

Each pot is divided into three main parts: the setup, the betting rounds, and the showdown. The basic rules for Texas Hold’Em are fairly simple and easy to learn.

Rules Of Texas Hold’Em Poker – The Start Of The Game

First of all, the dealer must shuffle a standard 52-card deck of cards. The first two players to the left of the dealer must put up “the blinds”, which means that there is money in the pot to play for each round.

The first player to the left of the dealer (the “small blind”) puts up half of the minimum posted bet, and the player beside the first blind (called the “big blind”) puts up the full minimum bet.

After the blind bets are placed, each player at the table is dealt two cards face down.

Rules Of Texas Hold’Em Poker – The Betting Rounds

Betting begins starting with the player to the left of the blinds. Players may call, raise, or fold, depending upon their cards.

After all the players have bet, the dealer “burns” (discards) the top card in the deck and then places the three next cards face-up onto the table.

These three cards are called the “flop,” and any of the other players may use these three community cards (and the two that follow) in conjunction with their cards to make a hand.

Rules Of Texas Hold’Em Poker – More Betting and More Rounds

Another round of betting takes place, starting with the player to the immediate left of the dealer.

The dealer discards the top card and plays one more card face up onto the board. This is known as the “Turn” Players then bet again.

The dealer discards one more card then deals a card onto the table. This is the fifth and last card of the community cards. Players bet one final time and use any of the five community cards, along with the ones they were dealt, to make the best possible poker hand.

Any players who are left in the game reveal their hands and the player with the best hand wins the pot. These are the rules Of Texas Hold’Em Poker.

By Alex Poker
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