The rules of slot machines are simple, but there may be variations of slots that do not know or understand. If you go to a casino for the first time in a long time, or just start playing and you’re not sure of all the options available, here are some rules and variations with which you would be well familiar:


The original slot machines operated with mechanical reels that turned true when you pulled the lever and stopped to reveal three symbols at random. If the three symbols were equal, the player won. Many of the current slot machines operate digitally with a video screen that displays symbols and a random number generator that determines where they stop. There are also slot machines that operate on a similar system of random numbers.


There are many different types of machines, casinos both online and live, but most are only differences in appearance, may have different colors or symbols but the principles are the same. The most interesting variants include:

Games Multipliers: In a game multiplier, the more coins are inserted (up usually is five coins, but may be higher) the greater the chance of winning. Each extra coin multiplies the payout, so if three cherries pay 10 to 1, paid 50 for 5 coins.

Multi Games: In a traditional slot machine paid only if the three symbols lined up in the middle were the same (or if he played some special kind of symbol to pay without having to appear at once in the three reels). Although you will see three lines on most machines, top and bottom lines are not there to grant any award. In a multi-machine can activate these lines by adding extra coins. Some allow you to enter up to nine or more currencies, for example, to bet on which symbols are combined into the three horizontal lines or even in the end zone.

Progressive Machines: These are the most popular kind of slots, both live and online. The progressive machine reserves a portion of the stake and placed in a prize pool with a huge jackpot elusive. All I play on the machine help to increase the boat, and when it is right may amount to $ 1 million or more. You must bet the maximum amount of coins allowed in each round so that the machine allows you to qualify to be a possible winner of the progressive jackpot.


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By Felipe Gaetano
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