Popularity of the game of Keno has increased dramatically with the availability of the online version of the game. Online keno available at most of the online casinos is also known as video keno. It is fun game and even if house advantage for the game is around 20 percent, fan following of the game is increasing at amazing rate.

Although the game of keno is game of pure chance, understanding of the rules of the game help one make certain informed decisions. One can try certain strategies if one wants to mix fun with some serious money making at any of the online casinos.

Rules of the game

Online Keno has much simpler rules compared to its offline cousin. Online version of the game is normally pretty simple and straightforward. Typical rules for playing the game may be described as follows:

* The game of keno has 80 numbered balls for the draw. Most of the online casinos ask you to pick anywhere from 2 to 15 numbers per game.

* Once you are finished with choosing your number, you must choose the amount to wager. Usually minimum amount allowed is dollar one. You can increase or decrease the amount but care should be taken as your pay out is directly related to the amount you put on the wager.

* Most of the online casinos allow you to play many games; you should select the maximum number allowed by any casino.

* Some casinos offer discount on the purchase of bulk tickets.

* Each casino shows a chart that shows the winning amount for different number of matches.

* Some casinos may offers you discount on way tickets. On these tickets you can play for multiple bets.

* Most thrilling experience is that of winning a jackpot. If you play for max numbers that are allowed and all those numbers are chosen, you will the jack pot associated with the game.


In this game of chance there is not much scope for strategic planning. All one can do is to undermine the advantage. Following tips will allow you do that.

* First thing you need to understand is that your decision to win large amount or small amount is crucial to any strategy.

* When you choose to win large amount, place bigger bet on small number of games. Also pick maximum amount of numbers as this is one of sure way of getting a large jackpot.

* When you choose to win smaller amount, pick few numbers. You may hit all your selected numbers but payout will be small. You will bet smaller amount per ticket and that allows you to have fun for longer time.

* Play the free games offered by the casino. That will help you imbibe the feel of the game.

In the end do not forget that you are at the online casino to have fun. Decide on a bankroll stick to it firmly. Big wins in Keno are rare, so just play the game and have fun!

By charle chamblne
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