Roulette, is usually of two types, American and European ones. The difference between them is mainly based on the zeros number placed on the wheel. While the American one has a zero and double-zero in the wheels, raising the house advantage to a 5.4% level the European has just one zero, and keep the house advantage at 2.7%.

Seating in a land-based casino is arranged around the table layout. It depends on you what do you need from the play. You may choose your place according to your wishes, for example whether you want to see the spinning wheel or have a better access to the layout for making bets.

The process of playing roulette is interesting and thrilling, because playing this game you play with your fortune. As well as any of gambling games, roulette has its principles and rules, which differ it from other games. Of course, it also has its own typical tools which allow us to recognize it from other games. These features are its wheel and table. Roulette table is a very important thing, because according to it you can recognize what kind of roulette you play. Nowadays there are two well-known all over the world types of roulette. These are American and European ones.

Somewhere, you can also find French roulette. But, although, this type of the game is considered to be the first representative of roulette in the world, nowadays American and European kinds originated from French roulette are more popular and widespread.

So, the usual roulette table consists of the table itself and roulette wheel. Roulette table is a place where players can make bets. Roulette table itself is usually covered with the cloth called “layout”.

Layouts also are different for European roulette and American roulette, but they don’t have a big difference between themselves. In general, roulette table is a table with drawn numbers. For both types of roulette, their table is divided into two sections an inside and outside ones. The inner section is a section with all numbers of the roulette wheel. All numbers are divided into three row created by consecutive numbers, vertical lines create columns with twelve numbers in each column. The outside section is for outside bets. , it is necessary to say about differences on the tables for American and. The table for American roulette has an additional place as double zero and European tables don’t have such a place. All numbers at the European roulette table are white, while all numbers for other type of roulette are red or black. Moreover, in online casino European tables also have an additional track for call bets, special sectors called “Voisins du Zero”,”Zero Spiel”, “Tier du Cylindre, “Orphans” and “Orphelins”. When somebody wants to make a call bet, the croupier places his chips at these sectors.

It’s a common mistake of many people that playing online roulette there is no difference what type of table you play at. Online casinos also offer different kinds of online roulette and for this purpose you have to know the basic features of all of them. In some way it may even help you in your play, or vice versa. Now, you know that besides the playing strategies you may use in online blackjack, baccarat ot poker, playing roulette a great role has the type of table you choose.

By Mary Sloots
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